About us

About Twin Tails Market & Barkery

Twin Tails Market & Barkery was founded with one purpose - to get your furry loved ones the healthiest food, treats, and lifestyle products possible.  We are a natural pet supply store focused on high-quality, limited-ingredient foods for dogs and cats.  Featuring a diverse selection of items suited to your pet's needs, we also stock a large variety of locally-sourced products, organic products, and small-label products that are committed to our mission as well.  

We feature a "Barkery" that is LOADED with amazing baked goods for your loved one's special occasion, or just a great afternoon treat!!!  From birthday cakes to pastries to cookies, we have lots of delicious items just waiting to be devoured.  We also rotate our seasonal items, so no matter the occasion we are sure to have something that makes their tails and tongues wag with anticipation.  

So come in today and see the difference!   We are sure that once you get a "sniff" of us and see the benefits in your pet's life, you'll make Twin Tails Market & Barkery your only stop for all things delicious.

Our Founders 

Brian - After a decade spent practicing law, Brian needed a change, but what?  He decided to do something for the ones who had made him so happy throughout his life - his pets.  Given his experience with dogs and cats, he knew an all-natural pet store could provide benefits to the community and their furry loved ones.  Checking out of corporate America, he now devotes his new freedom to the two fur-babies, Molly and Carter. It's a true joy for him to work with his wife and dogs everyday.  When not at the store, you can usually find Brian at a concert, relaxing at home, or enjoying a date night with his beautiful wife and best friend - Heather.  

Heather - Nursing Professor by day, natural product expert by night, Heather is proud to bring her caring and love of animals back where it all began.  Having grown up in Orland Park, and graduated from Carl Sandburg High School in 2002, Heather is beyond excited to open our store to the people and places she fell in love with as a child.  Our resident nurse, she specializes in helping our allergy-suffering pets find the right diet through label tracking.  That's right! we do the hard work for you!!  Stop in and say hi to our hometown girl!!

Our Twin Tails

Molly - Our Wheaten Terrier (and baby-girl), Molly holds the title of "Director of Social Interaction and Direct Marketing".   As a puppy, we noticed Molly would chew her paws more than average - to the point of redness.  From experience with his dogs growing up, Brian knew this was a sign of allergies.  Working with a Vet and by methodically eliminating items from her diet, we not only discovered Molly was allergic to grains and potato starches, but we also discovered a brand new world of dog and cat products that were all-natural, healthy, human-grade, and amazing!!!  From there Molly's health improved, the gnawing on the paws stopped, and the first seeds of inspiration of what would become Twin Tails Market & Barkery were born! 

Carter - An Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, Carter was found wandering the streets of Chicago during a particularly bad snowstorm in February of 2013.  No tags, no chip, and no home, he was taken to P.A.W.S. in the city where he didn't have to wait long for his Forever Home to come.  Hours after he was put up for adoption Heather, Brian, and Molly saw him and knew he was the big brother they were looking for.  Carter went home that day to a place filled with love, treats, and lots and lots of playing!  While he may have a loud bark, that's just his way of saying hi!  He's a cuddler by nature and is almost always found at Brian's side helping Dad run the store and test out the products.  Make sure you say hi to our "Director of Security and Loss Prevention" - he loves to get attention!